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Bruins’ MVP goalie Tim Thomas skips White House visit – NHL – Sporting News

Bruins’ MVP goalie Tim Thomas skips White House visit – NHL – Sporting News.


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On NBCs Meet the Press, Bachmann Schools Gregory on National Debt

On NBCs Meet the Press, Bachmann Schools Gregory on National Debt

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Coyote Control

In a meeting with Wyoming ranchers the Sierra Club and the U.S. Forest Service presented an alternative for controlling the coyote population. It seems that after years of the ranchers using the tried and true methods of shooting and/or trapping the predators, the U.S. Forest Service had a ‘more humane’ solution..
 What they proposed was for the animals to be captured alive. The males would then be castrated and let loose again. Therefore the population would be controlled. This was actually proposed to the Wyoming Wool and Sheep Grower’s Association by the USFS on behalf of the Sierra Club 
 All of the ranchers thought about this idea for a couple of minutes.. Finally, an old gentleman in the back of the conference room stood up, tipped his hat back and said: ” Son, I don’t think you understand our problem. ” Those coyotes ain’t fuckin’ our sheep – they’re eatin’ ’em! ”
Needless to say laughter insued

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Make sure you read all the way even if you think you know the answer.

Read this slowly – it is interesting, to say the least.   Thought it worth sharing.

I was born in one country, raised in another.
My father was born in another country.
I was not his only child.
He fathered several children with numerous women.
I became very close to my mother, as my father showed no interest in me.

My mother died at an early age from cancer.  Later in life, questions arose over my real name.
My birth records were sketchy and no one was able to produce a legitimate, reliable birth certificate.
I grew up practicing one faith but converted to Christianity, as it was widely accepted in my country, but I practiced non- traditional beliefs & didn’t follow Christianity, except in the public eye under scrutiny.
I worked and lived among lower-class people as a young adult, disguising myself as someone who really cared about them.
That was before I decided it was time to get serious about my life and I embarked on a new career.
I wrote a book about my struggles growing up.
It was clear to those who read my memoirs that I had difficulties accepting that my father abandoned me as a child.
I became active in local politics in my 30’s then with help behind the scenes, I literally burst onto the scene as a candidate for national office in my 40s.
They said I had a gold tongue and could talk to anyone and motivate them. That reinforced my conceit.
I had a virtually non-existent resume, little work history, and no experience in leading a single organization.
Yet I was a powerful speaker and citizens were drawn to me as though I were a magnet and they were small roofing tacks.
I drew large crowds during my public appearances.  This bolstered my ego.
At first, my political campaign focused on my country’s foreign policy, then on change.
I was very critical of my country in the war and seized every opportunity to bash my country.
But what launched my rise to national prominence were my views on the country’s economy and the need for change.
I pretended to have a really good plan on how we could do better and every poor person would be fed & housed for free.
I knew which group was responsible for getting us into this mess.  It was the free market, banks & corporations.
I decided to start making citizens hate these institutions and if they were envious of others who did well, the plan was clinched tight.
I called mine “A People’s Campaign” and that sounded good to people.
I was the surprise candidate.
I emerged from outside the traditional path of politics & was able to gain widespread popular support.
I knew that, if I merely offered the people ‘hope,’ together we could change our country.
So, I started to make my speeches sound like they were on behalf of the downtrodden, poor, ignorant to include “persecuted minorities”.
My true views were not widely known & I kept them unknown, until after I became my nation’s leader.
I had to carefully guard reality, as anybody could have easily found out what I really believed, if they had simply read my writings and examined those people I associated with.
I’m glad they didn’t as I became the most powerful man in the world.
And the world learned the truth.


Who am I?




Adolf Hitler
Who were you thinking.

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“Nice pigs, sir.”

Last Tuesday, as President Obama got off the helicopter in front of

The White House: he was carrying a baby piglet under each arm.

The squared away Marine guard snaps to attention, salutes, and says: “Nice pigs, sir.”
The President replies “These are not pigs. These are authentic Arkansas Razorback Hogs. I got one for Senator Harry Reid and I got one for the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.”
The Marine again snaps to attention, salutes, and says, “Excellent trade, sir.”

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Subject: Brazilian!!

The Dept Of Defense briefed the president this morning. They told President Obama that 2 Brazilian soldiers were killed in Iraq .

To everyone’s surprise, all the color drained from Obama’s face. Then he collapsed onto his desk,  head in his hands, visibly shaken, almost in tears. Finally, he  composed himself and asked,

‘Just how many is a brazilian?’

This is not surprising, since he obviously has no understanding of billion or trillion either.

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Bill Maher and guests discuss Obama’s Marijuana statement

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Pied Piper Obama…..


From the Mailbag:


There was a Pied Piper who said,
“We live in the greatest country in the world.  Help me change it!”
*And the people said, “Change is good!”

Then he said, “We are going to tax the rich fat-cats,”…*And the people said “Sock it to them!”
“and redistribute their wealth.” 
*And the people said, “Show me the money!”

 And then he said, “Redistribution of wealth is good for everybody” 
*And Joe the plumber said, are you kidding me?”

And Joe’s personal records were hacked and publicized. 
*And one lone reporter asked, “Isn’t that Marxist policy?”

And she was banished from the kingdom! 
Then someone asked, “With no foreign relations experience, how will you deal with radical terrorists?”

And the Pied Piper said, “Simple.  I’ll sit down and talk with them and show them how nice we really are and they’ll forget that they ever wanted to kill us all!”

Then the Pied Piper said, “I’ll give 95% of you lower taxes.” 
*And one, lone voice said, “But 40% of us don’t pay ANY taxes.”

So the Pied Piper said, “Then I’ll give you some of the taxes the fat-cats pay!” 
*And the people said, “Show me the money!”

Then the Pied Piper said, “I’ll tax your Capital Gains when you sell your homes!” 
*And the people yawned and the slumping housing market collapsed.

And he said, “I’ll mandate employer- funded health care for EVERY worker and raise the minimum wage.” 
*And the people said, “Gim’me some of that!”

Then he said, “I’ll penalize employers who ship jobs overseas.” 
*And the people said, “Where’s my rebate check?”

Then the Pied Piper actually said, “I’ll bankrupt the coal industry and electricity rates will skyrocket!” 
*And the people said, “Coal is dirty, coal is evil, no more coal!  But we don’t care for that part about higher electric rates.”

So the Pied Piper said, “Not to worry.  If your rebate isn’t enough to cover your expenses, we’ll bail you out.  Just sign up with ACORN and your troubles are over!”  Then he said, “Illegal immigrants feel scorned and slighted.  Let’s grant them amnesty, Social Security, free education, free lunches, free medical care, bi-lingual signs and guaranteed housing.”  
*And the people said, “Ole`! Bravo!”  And they made him King!

And so it came to pass that employers, facing spiraling costs and ever-higher taxes, raised their prices and laid off workers.  Others simply gave up and went out of business and the economy slowed even further.  Then the Pied Piper said, “I am the Messiah and I’m here to save you!  We’ll just print more money so everyone will have enough!”  But our foreign trading partners said, “Wait a minute.  Your dollar isn’t worth what it was.  You’ll have to pay more.” 
*And the people said, “Wait a minute. That’s not fair!”

And the world said, “Neither are these other, idiotic programs you’ve embraced.  You’ve become a Socialist state and a second-rate power.  Now you’ll play by our rules!” 
*And the people said, “What have we done?”

But it was too late. 

If you think this is a fairy tale, open your eyes and ears. It’s happening RIGHT NOW! 
Did you know the president’s name is really an acronym…


One Big Astounding Mistake  America

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Let’s Surprise NBC- Go to In God We Trust – FYI

Let’s Surprise NBC- Go to In God We Trust – FYI
Here’s your chance to let the media know where the people stand on our faith in God, as a nation. NBC is taking a poll on “In God We Trust” to stay on our American currency. Please send this to every Christian you know so they can vote on this important subject. Please do it right away, before NBC takes this off the web page. Poll is still open so you can vote. This is not sent for discussion, if you agree forward it. If you don’t, delete it. By my forwarding it, you know how I feel. I’ll bet this was a surprise to NBC..

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