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OK … let’s start with this. This isn’t about the Bush tax cut. This is about class warfare. This is about seedy politicians setting one group of Americans against another group for political gain.
The Democrats had hoped to prevent Bush from getting his tax cut. They were afraid that it would actually lead to increased economic growth and declining Democrat hopes for the 2004 elections.
Well .. the tax cut passed, and the Democrats needed something else to stir up the masses. The decision was made to make a full class warfare assault on Republicans. Set up the rich as evil and the poor as victims. The leftists are basing their current class war onslaught on the fact that the Bush tax cut actually allowed people to keep more of the money that they earned, but it did not send enough checks to families who do not pay taxes.
Now it may seem perfectly understandable to most people that a tax cut means cutting the taxes that people actuallypaytaxes. But not Democrats. To a Democrat the definition of “cutting taxes” is “taking money from one income earner who pays taxes and giving that money to someone who does not pay taxes.” Strange — but we are talking about politics here.
So … the class warfare assault is on. Listen to the words of Connecticut Congresswoman Rosa Delauro … a Democrat.
“What kind of perverse Robin Hoods steal secretly to rob from the poor to give to the rich?”
Now, isn’t that amazing? Allowing a taxpayer to keep more money is to “steal” from or to “rob” the poor and “give” to the rich. There really aren’t any words I can say here that could adequately illustrate just how absurd this statement is.
Then there’s New York Democrat Charles Rangel:
“The cruelest thing of all is that when they still found themselves three or four billion short and instead of shaving a little bit off of where the bulk of the money would go they saw fit not only to go after low income people, but the children of low income people.”
Oh yeah! Let’s paint these evil, greedy Republicans as attacking children.
At least one congressman has it right … Tom DeLay from Texas:
“To me it’s a little difficult to give tax relief to people that don’t pay income tax. It’s a spending program,” Mr. DeLay
Brit Hume’s panel on Special Report got into this last night. They were discussing some new proposed legislation that would go ahead and give $400 checks for each child of a low income family that doesn’t pay income taxes. When Fred Barnes correctly referred to this as welfare the other panelists almost wet their pants. They just couldn’t believe that this man was referring to this as welfare? Well, what else is it? You take money away from the people who earned it, and you give it to people who did NOT earn it. It’s a straight cash grant. It’s welfare. If the left is going to be so anxious to redistribute income like this … why not at least have the guts to call it what it is.
This, by the way, is what is objectionable to liberals, this is what they find so troublesome about Fox News Channel. Fox continues to remind viewers that the families the Democrats are continually referring to don’t pay any taxes.

February 19, 2009 - Posted by | Government Sucks, Socialist

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